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Train like a pro

The hard and fast rule

Looking at mixed martial arts, we offer a range of strategies for building the best possible physical profile.

Personal bests


Post-activation potentiation is a novel approach and a popular subject for current research try it out and see if it's for you!

Food for thought

Muscle management

Increased testosterone will enhance strength, speed and power take the dietary route for safe and steady progress.

Equipment locker

Do sleds pull their weight or just drag you down?

Bringing sleds into your training does offer potential benefits but they will make a dent in your budget, so try before you buy.

How do they do that?

Cockpit athletes

We hear how Formula One drivers have to maintain peak fitness and reaction times just to survive their working day.

Physio Room

Teed off with back pain?

Stop back problems from wrecking your game use our range of tactics to nail those swing faults early!

Day in the life

Feedback: Physio

Caryl Becker is Chief Physiotherapist for Team GB and the BOA she recalls her highlights from summer 2012.

Research review

Volume 4

This issue's review section includes studies on rest-pause training, static stretching and squat depth.