The following topics are covered on a regular basis:

Train like a pro

Editor: Paul Read Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning, Gloucester University, UK

Aim: to analyse and report the requirements of a range of sports. Detailed analysis will include physical, physiological and biomechanical demands, informing you of the fundamental components for high levels of performance.


Personal bests

Editor: Jon Cree Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science and Sports Rehabilitation, Middlesex University, UK

Aim: to explain ways to improve your performance in sport and exercise. We cover ideas from the very simple to the complex and give the reader practical and achievable applications that are supported by evidence-based research.


Physio room

Editor: Denis Enright Lead Physiotherapist, The Mobile Physio; Service Manager Physiotherapy, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust, UK

Aim: to offer you practical and interesting information on common sporting conditions and injuries. Learn about the facts and science behind certain problems and put this into action when training for your chosen sport, hitting the gym, or recovering from injury.


Food for thought

Editor: Edward Baker Strength and Conditioning Coach, Performance Hertfordshire, UK

Aim: Food for Thought trawls scientific, medical and pharmaceutical literature to collate the latest findings on sports nutrition for performance. This is thrown in the blender with handy real-world tips for optimising your nutrition.


Gym room

Editor: Sarah Tomlins Strength and Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitation Specialist; Visiting Lecturer, Middlesex University

Aim: to provide in-depth insight into specific exercise technique and give tips and alternatives that can help you maximise training benefits.


Equipment locker

Editor: Stuart Miller Head of Biomechanics, London Sport Institute, UK

Aim: to provide an objective analysis on whether equipment actually works. The fads and associated advertising will be addressed in parallel with the latest research (if there is any) on the topic. Each month we will answer the question of whether or not you should be sold by the sales pitch.


Sport scientist

Editor: Perry Stewart Strength and Conditioning Coach; Lecturer, Middlesex University, UK

Aim: to enhance understanding of conditioning practices for performance through the application of sport science. The knowledge gained from this column will allow the reader to affirm or expel common gym myths, understand applied physiology and help shape training principles and practices.


How do they do that?

Editor: Brian Walpole Managing Director, Love Fitness Education, London, UK

Aim: as records continue to be broken and sports science evolves at a breakneck speed, we look at the hard science behind these extraordinary athletic achievements.


Research review

Editor: Perry Stewart Strength and Conditioning Coach; Lecturer, Middlesex University, UK

Aim: to disseminate the findings of recent developments in sport and exercise research in an unbiased, easy-to-understand manner.



Editor: Perry Stewart Strength and Conditioning Coach; Lecturer, Middlesex University, UK

Aim: this column reports the training philosophies, practicalities and personal insights of athletes, coaches and other staff at the forefront of performance.