Issue 2

Train like a pro

How to drive like Tiger

Find out how strength and conditioning makes it possible to achieve drive distances of over 300 yards with ease.

Personal bests

Box Clever: how to last longer in the ring

Recent research suggests that high-intensity interval training could be crucial for all successful boxers.

Physio room

Back in the game: 10 tips for injury recovery

These strategies will help you minimise your time on the sidelines and are also relevant to non-sporting injuries.

Food for thought

Bigging up...Breakfast

Carbohydrates certainly have a role to play in our daily routines, but for your first meal of the day you should be thinking outside the box!

Gym room

Chin ups and pull ups: the best bet

Chin ups and pull ups are markers for upper body strength in the same way that the squat applies to the lower body.

Equipment locker

Tight enough? The ins and outs of compression garments

As the only item of 'specialist' equipment claimed to aid efficiency in all sports, compression garments (CG) can supposedly make you cooler, or warmer, or stronger.

Sport scientist

Training too hard...?

Too much training 'stress' is counterproductive and can cause burnout. How can you avoid pushing yourself too far?

How do they do that?

The world's most difficult exercise

Here we offer some insights into the mystery of the Iron Cross - an exercise that has well-deserved prominence within Gymnastics despite defying the laws of mathematics.

Research review

Volume 2

A round-up of the latest research investigating concepts such the training effect of incline plyometrics, minimalist footwear on running economy and optimising dosing for caffeine supplementation.


Feedback: bobsleigh

GB Bobsleigh Performance Director Gary Anderson explains his quest for the next UK bobsleigh star, what it takes, and what he has in his sights for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.