Issue 1

Train like a pro

How to train like a Laker

This article highlights the fundamental athletic requirements of successful basketball and suggests effective ways to train for optimal performance and injury prevention.

Personal bests

Plyometrics: JUMP further, RUN faster...AND save energy?

This article demonstrates the effectiveness of plyometric exercises for sports, and for performance in general.

Physio room

Hop, skip and jump for a stronger ankle

Find out how to get your confidence back following an ankle injury so that you can perform to your very best and avoid further problems.

Food for thought

1...2...3 Nutrition Tips - For the best all-round results

In this first edition we serve up a simple formula for calculating your daily calorie needs, as well as a discussion giving you license to snack. Ed throws his hat in the ring on the subject of protein powders. Read before you buy!

Gym room

Perfecting the squat

Addressing the king of all exercises, Sarah will break down some of the myths and take you step by step through a picture-perfect technique.

Equipment locker

Running shoes: the REAL science

It is almost impossible to buy a pair of running shoes without the shop assistant telling you something about the injury prevention or performance enhancement. Pronation, motion control, cushioned...and the rest! We investigate the research behind the buzz words.

Sport scientist

Is bigger...stronger?

Big biceps, a barrel chest and a back as wide as a shed is the goal for many gym- goers across the UK. However, do bigger muscles equate to stronger muscles? The Sport Scientist addresses this common misconception and identifies reasons why size doesn't always matter!

How do they do that?

Disability allowance? Keeping tabs on technology...

Regarded as one of the most inspirational athletes of our time, Oscar Pistorius has overcome many adversities in his athletic career. But should he be allowed to run against able-bodied athletes - and could he even have an advantage?

Research review

Volume 1

A round-up of the latest research in sport and exercise. Topics covered this month include concurrent training, incline plyometrics and static stretching.


Feedback: fencing

A rare joint interview with S&C coach Rhys Ingram and Olympic fencer Lawrence Halsted on the pursuit for success in London this summer.