Issue 3

Train like a pro

How to train like Usain

The 100-metre sprint is the premier event at the Olympics, and who would not be envious of the title, 'World's Fastest Man'?

Personal bests

Depth charge

It seems like a bizarre marriage: improving swimming times by movements carried out on land, but the margins are so narrow that every base should be covered!

Food for thought

Choose your meat with care

Beef and milk are great choices for the active person. However, your best intentions could be foiled if you choose poor-quality sources.

Gym room

Worth the weight

The deadlift is a compound exercise that makes huge demands on an athlete. Patience and best tactics will pay off.

Equipment locker

Chains reaction

Using chains and rubber bands is proven to increase resistance within any given exercise. Here we compare them to normal equipment.

Sport scientist

The 'T' factor

A training regime designed to boost testosterone can increase muscle growth, strength and power. But getting the balance right is essential.

How do they do that?

The making of an Ironman

We look at the physical and training requirements and the potentially fatal risks of completing the world's hardest one-day event.

Research review

Volume 3

A round-up of the latest research investigating concepts such the disciplines of physiology, biomechanics and nutrition, cold water immersion and performance mouth guards.

Performance analysis

Upping your game

Performance analysis aims to get the very best endeavour from a team. After analysing games in minute detail, coaches use the data to shape and modify training programmes.